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Dhurrie weaving played an important part in life of village women of India. The tradition was passed from mother to daughter. A girl normally starts preparing for her dowry at age of ten and most of her mother’s free time was spend on teaching her daughter the art of weaving dhurries which she could take with her as dowry to her new home. Geometric patterns, stylized birds and plant motifs all have a particular significance, and form a major part of the decorative vocabulary. These motifs and designs tells the story of the young women weaver who weave it with her imagination and vibrant colors as a symbol of  her new life.


Our designs are blend of classism of old with fusion of new. our dhurries are inspired from jail house collection and old textiles around the globe.


we generally do 5 sizes which are

6′ x 4′

6′ x 9′

9′ x 12′

8′ x 10′

8′ x 12′

we can also customize size as per the buyers preference